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how come you didn't like the ending of 100% love?

Because I hoped that the guy would acknowledge that he was being childish and arrogant (and everybody else would agree with him :D).

Instead we got a ‘Lol he’s drunk quickly let’s tie the knot~’

Badass, smart, understanding, beautiful… chicken-loving…  Mahalakshmi deserved better :3

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Anonymous said:

what are your favorite tamanna films and fave tamanna performances (regardless of the actual films as a whole)? :)

Eaaasy! I really loved Oosaravelli, Paiyaa, 100% Love (tho ugh the ending -_-)… Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam was also sweet, but the second half lost me a bit~ These are also my favourite performances of hers :)

Aaaand… a special mention to the amazing video songs from Badrinath, Ayan (I also liked her acting in this one!), and Racha!

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haha how come the aditya and deepika thing makes you laugh?

Lol it would look as though Deeps is looking for a man that would fit the tattooed initials on her neck :3

but ngl they’d make a gorgeous couple

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lmao thats ileana in your latest set, not vidya

Loool, easy mistake to make.. NOT.

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why did u unfollow me? :(

Nooo, don’t be sad! :(

I’ve been gradually unfollowing people from the bw/tw fandom for weeks now. I’m just losing interest and there are other hobbies that have taken up my time. I mostly just queue things and only do an edit when I rewatch music videos. I don’t feel any real excitement over the announced movies, not on the scale I used to. 

I’m in a period of waiting. Either the flame will be rekindled, or I’ll leave the fandom just like I did with anime some 6 years ago :/ 

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who do u think tamanna's looked best with out of all her tollywood co-stars? i personally haven't loved her with anyone :/ i wish she'd sign a film with mahesh already

I liked her with pretty much most of the younger stars she’s acted with. My favourite would have to be Siddharth so far, although she also looked very good with Allu Arjun. 

Then there’s Ram Charan Teja and Prabhas. It’s just a pity that the movies they made were so terrible :p

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Anonymous said:

have u seen the trailers for thadaka? tamanna looks really pretty in them!

Hi, nonny!!

Yep, I’ve seen it. Tbh it looks like just another hero movie: Sunil and Naga delivering powerful dialogues, trashing people, being all badass.. and I guess they have a song or two with the ladies who were in the trailer for approx what? 8 seconds? yawn~ 

But yes, Tammu looks super pretty :) But that’s nothing new, she’s always gorgeous. I just want another movie where she’ll have more to do! ;_; 

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Anonymous said:

did u ever get to see endukante premanta? did u like it?

I’ve seen it. Lol, bit of a mess. But Tamanna looked gorgeous and Ram was entertaining enough. But I woudln’t really call it a good movie…

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Anonymous said:

do u like karthi and kajal together?

Eh, not really? I didn’t mind her as much in NMA as in her Telugu movies, but I generaly try to avoid her :/

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do u ship tammu and karthi? they are sooo cute!

I dooo :) They were so adorable in Paiyaa, loved them!