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dil laga liya maine

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They showed the Finding Fanny trailer on the telly today and I don’t even care about the stupid title anymore I just wanna watch it NOW


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Stars at 61st Filmfare awards(south)

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Sonam has said that people who act well are ugly, I have heard. So do I get the crown of the ugliest person? Because after watching Queen, people have been telling me that I act really well. So according to Sonam, I am the ugliest actor in Bollywood today. And well, I accept that with all the gratitude and humbleness. I feel that Sonam really needs to get her facts right about acting. Actors aren’t models. It’s a different technique to convey expressions and emotions and it has got nothing to do with the looks. And we should have a variety of actors just for the sake of casting. We don’t have right casting in our country. It’s high time we git rid of this six-pack brigade and glamorous looking people. We should get real people in because the stories we show on-screen are about real people. And that’s how the movies will be genuine and heartfelt. Story telling needs to get honest. If at all our cinema is not good today, people like Sonam should be held responsible. There are people out there, who might not fit into that Vogue kind of space, but they have all the right to be an actor.

Kangana Ranaut (via viratsbiwi)  
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Infinite List of Bollywood Songs Mohe Panghat Pe | (Mughal-e-Azam)

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kandukondain kandukondain + colour porn