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I firmly believe that Minako has this sign hanging up in Crystal Tokyo somewhere.

The fun part is that there’s scribbling all over the walls near it. Like Rei wrote “too long” and pointed an arrow at the first counter, and then Mako added “I know, I’m getting anxious” under it. At first it’s all about the ‘counting’, but then they use it as a bulletin board of sorts.

Usagi gets lost a lot at first so there’s a hastily scribbled map to her room from the sign. Minako messes with it regularly.

Mako starts asking what people want for supper.

Rei posts when she’ll be meditating so as not to disturb her.

Haruka asks if anyone has seen the keys to her hovercar, Michiru cattily asks ‘which one? ^_^’.

Hotaru asks Chibiusa/the quartet if they’re still on for Thursday, and there’s a long argument in the subnotes about who gets to wear what dress between Chibiusa and Cerecere.

Pluto calmly reminds everyone that the weather will be terrible tomorrow, but they never know when her ‘tomorrow’ is so it never helps. She eventually gives up and just puts a fresh coat of paint on it every week.

Ami tried to keep the conversation into a series if post it notes but they run out of paper too quickly or they get lost.

Mamoru takes screen shots of it From a security camera every week and puts then in a scrap book. He’s very meticulous.

The staff are just confused as to who ‘mamoru’ is.

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Aditya Roy Kapur promoting Daawat-E-Ishq

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Madhumati (1958, dir. Bimal Roy).

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ileana d’cruz in main tera hero + pastels/pales asked by deepikas