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Anjaan with Suriya, Vidyut and Samantha

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omg her face
her eyeliner is heaven

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Saif is a brilliant actor, undoubtedly. He is one of my favorites and I enjoy watching him on screen. Both of us agree we have great chemistry onscreen that stems from our off screen rapport. We trust each other as actors. While shooting we never tried to outdo each other. The other day we were watching the preview of our film and, at the end, we both agreed that we look so hot together. — Rani Mukherjee
Rani is a fantastic actor. Aditya Chopra, the producer, always says that we work well together because she tends to sort of ground me and I make her a little more Westernised. I think we do share an interesting chemistry on screen. I have a lot of respect for her. Out of most people that I have met in the industry she is very real, very down to earth. — Saif Ali Khan

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Yaarukkum Sollaama Un Nenchukkulle

Edam Pudichan Unnale, Thannale…

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Bollywood—Fashion Endorsement Campaign’s

Inspired By imzyz

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And so she arrived. The girl next door. The item girl. The style diva. The role model. The actress who can stand on her own two feet. She plays her part with utmost perfection. She’s sometimes vanilla with the right dash of spice. Sometimes she’s all spice with a tinge of tart. Her looks could kill but she’s the one who adds soul to Hindi cinema’s machismo.

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Bollywood Actors
Ramp Walk—Traditional